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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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neighborhoods and what neighborhood character has been. i would think that a building that has high occupancy of tenants that is converted to something that is not tenants but more dormitory space or that has been an issue with [inaudible] with our university has jurisdiction -- the historic preservation commission could have jurisdiction over that or make a statement about that. >> yes, it could have jurisdiction but what triggers the jurisdiction is if they want to alter the building in some way. >> got it. >> then it comes before us -- >> it's not -- >> -- doesn't get in the front door so we can't act on it. however there are some times and i worked with supervisor cohen on this when we thought we were positively lied to over henry adams and what they were going to do and what benefits and we
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tried to call it back but the city attorney said "no, you made your decision. you can't do that. you have to look to the board of supervisors or in this case supervisor cohen to remedy that situation. >> very good. thank you. >> thank you. >> no other questions from the panel so we will move on to karl hasz. >> supervisors, karl hasz i am up for seat six. contractor developer. my profession is designing and building restaurants. i am currently president of the historic preservation commission. i have served on the commission since its inception and prior to that landmarks preservation advisory board and spent many years on this -- not many, 10 years and actually requesting one more term specifically we -- i am very proud of the landmarking that we have done the social heritage items we have done, particularly sam jordan's and i
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found information and he was on a plane and a young person that worked at facebook and found out who he was and heard about it and wanted to promote him and it's fantastic we're reaching a new and younger crowd in san francisco about the heritage of the city but a big concern throughout the years is the lack of understanding of preservation and the process. it's confusing process unless you spent years at it and ceqa and our local standards and our interpretation of it and how the commission interprets it and we did many policies in the commission but i felt we needed to reach out past the commission so i felt that residential users in the city were not getting a fair shake because they're not professionals in the industry. commercial folks doing renovation can hire professionals. they usually have the extra money. residential doesn't and who touches residents most often
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felt like realtors before folks buy and want to remodel, and so to get the word out how to handle preservation we reached out to the california preservation foundation and created a program for realtors in training so i lead that charge if you will on getting that implemented so we had the first group go through. it's been an overwhelming success. the foundation is here today and we will talk about taking that state wide now so we have done outreach past that. something mentioned with the survey and i am glad you brought that up supervisor avalos and i brought a report and half is on the survey. i am going to make a pitch for the budget item and that may get cut at the mayor's office. we have a single position for scope to get the city wide survey done. it's the best thing that we can do and spur and heritage and advocacy
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and preservation group agree that's the number one thing to help in the city i hope we keep this position in the budget to move that process forward. it's going to take a few years and i would like to get it going. >> it's a new position? >> yes. and scope it out and what it would take and get the rfp ready. >> what staff is dedicated on it 123. >> we don't have any because we can't go towards it. and we're taking on positions for enforcement from air b b and i hope this isn't kicked out because of the other revenues from the taxes being generated. >> thank you. >> anything i can expand on? >> sure if you want to address the issues i brought up with the other applicants,
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reappointments, specifically the constituency issue and would you agree with mr. johns this was an issue two years ago? >> i would take it even further back. it felt like it was further back. when i was on the historic preservation board we had split votes. we had a couple of folks on the commission to be honest that were -- they read the rules of historic preservation and that was interpreted in the most conservative fashion they could take it -- >> are they still on? >> no. they are not, and so that really -- it was very frustrating to be honest with you. you would have homeowners and get a full redesign on the fly as commissioner johns was mentioning and they had no idea and the process seemed out of control and we were able to real that in and make it much more predictable. that is key with us and just like the previous
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commissioners said we had fantastic uniformity in our view and we come together on our voting very, very well, but we have preservation professionalos there so it's not -- i don't feel like it bends in any direction too much to preservation or too much to development. >> would you say there were other issues besides a rigid look at guidelines? >> no. i feel that was the cause of it. >> okay. >> yep. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> any other questions from the panel? seeing none thank you for your presentation each of you and we can open this item up for three public comment. >> >> and i have three cards and someone is already here. [calling speaker names] and i have cindy in twice.
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>> thank you supervisor avalos, members of the rules committee. it's a pleasure to be here before you. i am cindy and the executive director of the california preservation foundation. i'm also i must say very pleased that all three of the applicants are members of our organization and involved in historic preservation at the state wide level in addition to being active at the local level. i would like to speak specifically to the appointment of two nominees. first andrew wolfram. andrew wolfram is a historic preservation architect and comes to this position with a deep understanding of both the technical aspect of preservation, the challenges, and the opportunities that present themselves in historic preservation in san francisco. his experience with the california preservation foundation, his involvement has been deep, and has been ongoing for the last 10 years. he has served on our conference program
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committee, on our education committee. he has been the recipient of several design awards. we have a state wide highly competitive design awards and he's been involved in a number of projects that received awards including the ferry building, 140 new montgomery and landmark and presidio and i remissed telling you about our foundation. we are the only state wide historic preservation organization whose mission is to advocate and educate the public and elected officials and nonprofitos the benefits of historic preservation, so we take our mission very seriously and anyone who is involved in our education programs knows that we hold a high bar on our programs. we offer continuing education units for several groups, california state bar, american society of landscape architects and certified local
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governments. i would also like to speak to the appointment of karl hasz. karl is a developer of contractor and comes to the position with the unique understanding of what it takes to get a project through the process. as a developer he understands the rational reasonable approach to preservation. i want to emphasize the fact a comment he made. he was instrumental in helping us with our pilot program and providing training to realtors and how to market historic properties. this was a highly successful program we launched in san francisco. we expanded it to the bay area and now state wide. our conference will be held in san diego and we will opening it now to san diego realtors and this successful
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program wouldn't have happened unless karl had the leadership to get this off the ground. we worked with him over a year to do this. on behalf of the members of the board and the foundation i am proud to endorse these nominations. >> thank you. >> and i support the city wide survey as an extremely important tool for developers and advocates of city planning and the department. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good morning mr. chairman, supervisors. my name is kevin purseglove and the president of the historical museum and society and a long time resident. i came in the 70's to attend college and i have lived throughout san francisco during that time including areas near city college, richmond and
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sunsets and the hague and across the panhandle and since the earthquake i have lived a short walk from dolores park. i was asked to join the concordia club here in san francisco and eager to meet new people i was fascinated at the building itself at post and van ness. it was at this time i met richard johns. he gave me a history of the building and the people that built the club and included levy straus. from that time our conversations have continued. richard knows the people the politics. he knows about the neighborhoods, the businesses, the cathedrals and the synagogues of san francisco. he knows them all. he has taught
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me about many things in the city and how they were used to find discarded signage in the bernal heights -- i'm sorry. >> please proceed. >> and those buildings and hunt hunt and of course those areas that have direct purview of the commission itself the columbo building, the dry docks and the conservation districts and last week i learned there is still a horse hitching post in san francisco in the inner richmond. it's actually a curb in the stone in richmond for horse parking. at this time i would be more happy -- [inaudible] >> thank you very much and is that right there the clock for people to see? >> yes, but i had it covered. >> on the podium there is a clock. you can monitor your time. the first ding will tell you there is 30 seconds left.
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any other member of the public to comment on these three seats come forward and seeing none we will close public comment. [gavel] supervisor tang. >> thank you. i am very pleased with all the members who have come up for reappointment. i also had the opportunity to meet with them prior to this hearing as well. i think across the board what i heard and agree with and all of you agree with is really the fairness, predictability and transparency in the decisions made and i know having followed the historic preservation commission decisions i have seen a lot more of that those three components. in terms of outreach to what you do is really important and i like the proactive program that i know was spoken about in terms of working with the realtors and letting people know ahead of time what are things involved with historic preservation and i want to thank you for bringing the commission to a point where we truly feel it's in a good
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place, very respected so i would be happy to recommend that all three appointees move forward to the full board with recommendation. >> i second that recommendation. >> okay. we have a motion -- >> mr. chair we need to amend all three motions remove the objection. >> right. we make the motion to approve the appointments and also committee report as well. >> so i amend my motion to say we're approving all three of these, mohammed and richard johns and karl hasz and send forward with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> okay and seconded by supervisor cohen and colleagues we can take those items without objection. [gavel] okay we're going to hear item 6 and take a two minute break after item 6 -- you know what i mean. >> item 6 is a hearing to consider pointing one member
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july 1, 2015 to the entertainment commission. there is one seat and four applicants. >> this is why i didn't have a good sleep last night. four applicants and so we have applicants in the order before us, theodora marie caminong, nicholas belloni, paul wells, and jeremy wallenberg. why don't we have people present in that order and because there's four of you might be nervous and i think there are people here that are just as nervous as you are so please come forward and thank you for your interest in the entertainment commission. >> hi. good morning supervisors -- or good
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afternoon actually supervisors avalos, tang and cohen. it's an honor to be here and present myself as a candidate for the open neighborhood seat for the san francisco entertainment commission. my application lists my full legal name theodora marie caminong but many of you know me as tory and some of the letters of support will reflect that as well. i've i'm a native daughter of the city and after living in the east coast and oakland and i return and reside in my childhood home and enjoying the district as a adult. i have worked in the community for the past 10 years worked with amazing cross section of san francisco with equally amazing cast of characters through my work with glide. i work with the neighborhood, our participants who are individual and reside in
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the neighborhood as well as community partners and nonprofits that serve the community with district service, our neighbors including hotels, restaurant night life establishments and entrepreneurs and supporters and congregation partners and individuals and lawmakers and police et cetera. i'm a fair listener and not afraid of hard conversations. san francisco is a world class destination city and people come here to make an impact. i am familiar with the history and traditions and cultures of the city and have grown along with the city's transformations. i look forward to serving the constituent groups and serve san francisco through the san francisco sfwraiment commission so thank you. >> >> thank you. colleagues any comments or questions for this
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candidate? supervisor tang. >> i would say for all of the applicants coming up here if you make sure you address some of the goals that you hope to achieve if you're appointed, maybe some of the issues that you perceive to be taking place in the entertainment industry currently in san francisco and just anything you would like to work to address that so this is a broad statement for all of the applicants. thank you. >> if you want more time to touch upon -- >> sure. the real thing for me is the late night transportation issue. as i stated i live in the outer mission area and i find it a challenge to have affordable transportation going back. i would like to make sure that districts outside of the entertainment areas like the outer mission, bay area hunters point and sunset are considered
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in the transportation solutions as well and i would like to work with the different entities and creating the publicity around a lot of these activities as well. >> thank you. i appreciate you're touching upon late night transportation and how it affects the people in the outer mission is critical. there are people that come home at night that have cash in their hands from working and it's one of the things i hear the most of from people in the district feeling unsafe and some muged in the early morning hours and i appreciate that that it's a critical issue for you. could you talk about your experience in the night life of san francisco in terms of events and places you go and how that will inform your work as a commissioner? >> sure. so i have a really busy sc. -- schedule and i work in fund raising and
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attend events that range from restaurants, restaurant bars, a lot of fundraising events and making sure we're able to tie these night life activities back to the missions of different organizations, and i would say that because of that range -- i mean i am actually very present and connected in that scene and those communities. i think i would represent the community seat, the neighborhood seat in a more meaningful way because i have relationships with a lot of the organizations i'm a very active listener around the different issues and unafraid of having hard conversations. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. hi. just a fun question. can you tell me your favorite venue and why? >> mighty. >> mighty. yes. very smart.
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>> mighty is one of my favorite venues because they bring a lot of national and global djs from all forms of music and my favorite music in particular is soulful dance. >> okay. another question i am sure you're familiar with the current configuration of the entertainment commission. can you tell me what skill set that you're bringing to this commission that doesn't already exist? >> i think that i have a passion for diversity and radical inclusion so i come in a community that has -- that welcomes everybody and i'm a young woman of color -- >> really? >> and a fierce advocate for making sure that people who have been invisible and voiceless are at
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the table. >> what kind of advocacy have you done? >> that's a good question. most of the work we do involve direct services for people and immediate needs so work around poverty, recovery, violence, et cetera. >> thank you. >> just some follow up questions. often i met with jocelyn kane just the other day who is the director of the entertainment commission. she mentioned there are often conflicts that occur between places that has been established as entertainment venues and new neighbors that come in. how do you see the commission playing a role in helping to resolve those conflicts or informing the public about them? >> i am really excited about the legislation that supervisor breed has introduced and i really do think that a lot of the new policies around making sure that people are aware of
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the neighborhoods that they're moving into that there's a lot more communication and interaction around what that means to be neighbors together in a community, so i would like to play a more active role in connecting people and having conversations in a way that is accessible and also transparent. >> so a big part of the changes in san francisco is the tech sector, a lot of tech workers here and changing entertainment in san francisco and not often seen. can you talk about your understanding how the tech sector has changed what is happened in terms of entertainment in san francisco or night life, or how people entertain themselves in the city? and how that might inform the work of the entertainment commission? >> i don't think it's changed so much the way that
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entertainment -- i think it scaled the entertainment industry. i think the need to produce more cultural offerings as well as night life activities and also just with the new migration of people coming in i think it's important to create more opportunities for people to understand the legacies and histories and how people coexist. >> do you see that happening anywhere right now in the city? >> i think with a lot of the street festivals i think there is opportunity to educate people on the existing communities here and creating opportunities for people to come together. i do think it's tougher for smaller neighborhood groups to put on some of the activities because of the costs involved, so i would like to work a little more closely with those groups around creating more opportunity for them to be able to introduce some new big idea so they can go through the process and able to
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present their cultural offerings to the city as well. >> what are your thoughts about that understanding of going both ways and long-term residents and new newcomers? do you see that as a need or newcomers need to know the legacy. >> i think it's both. i think it's a dialogue and you don't need to broadcast one side. san francisco is the city of constant change so i think it's an opportunity for people to get to know one another and share their different skills and work towards one global culture in that sense. >> thank you. supervisor cohen. >> thank you. quick question. on the 700 form i notice you have a couple of -- on the schedule d a couple of listings. can you tell me what a16z? >> [inaudible] >> what? >> [inaudible]
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>> what is it? >> a venture capital firm. i have attended several of their talks and some screenings. i have worked with them around creating a community representation at some of the ventds in the south bay. >> thank you. i have no other questions. >> thank you for your presentation and coming in today and we will go on to the next applicant. >> trust me john you weren't the only one that had problems sleeping last night. i am nicholas belloni and the can vp of the planning association for the richmond and i'm a native san franciscan. i am applying for the open seat of the entertainment commission. i am fit for many reasons. i am the covp of one of the largest organizations in san francisco and work with the park and rec community. we have the
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neighborhood's voice through park and rec and i don't take lightly and shows with the attendance and only missing one meeting last year only. i grew up in san francisco and seen the night life turn into a billion dollar industry and i look forward to the voice of this. i have experience in each of the roles. with pari have helped the planing department add conditions to conditional use permits to the grocery outlet and [inaudible] on clement and two of the bigger ones i worked on. i successfully mitigated issues in the area and the neighbors. every july i bring the neighbors event promoters
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mta rec and park and dpw to talk about the issues and fix the issues and it's been well received by all and all of the major groups are endorsing me for this position. policy -- with prozac i lead the working group that wrote the policy. this policy replaced one that wouldn't allow rec and park to buy new policies. the new policy has been successful and allowed department to buy five new parks and i am proud of this and i was able to help gain five parks. i want to notice events and advocates few events and advocating for night time transportation and thank the people that supported me for this appointment and thank you for considering me. i truly
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hope you appoint me and i love the city and the night life and events and makes the city great and shows the culture we have and this is why i never left this city. thank you. >> thank you. any questions from the committee? just if you could talk about where you most experienced entertainment or night life in san francisco and what do you see as happening in the city around that and inform your role as commissioner? >> most of my experience with entertainment may be with the large events. i live in the richmond district. most of you know that. i get [inaudible] bluegrass and outside lands and [inaudible] breakers and the nike event and giant events and take up park space. people do not like that but i have been able to work promoters and the
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community to merge and come to a basic understanding they're here. what can we do to help them and what can they do to help us and the main issues have been erased and the main issue is noise and i am proud of what i have done with that so that's where a lot of my experience is from. >> okay. supervisor cohen. >> thank you. so similar question to what i would ask and the other applicants can answer it as well. >> slim. >> slim. >> why slim? >> i grew up going there. i told katie this story and i went and saw gary huey playing surf guitar and goes out stage and out the door continuing to play, goes across the street and buys a sandwich and


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